Meet Deizshel

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Trust, Honesty and Integrity These words echo Deizshel Setzer’s life creed.  She is woman on fire compelling the world through her voice to embrace the comeback , turn on your will power ,take control, move forward, activate the imagination and implement dreams .  She is a leader in motivational speaking,  igniting your financial fire,  and purposefully succeeding .   She is a credit improvement specialist , purchase and refinancing  guru, money mentor and financial literacy ambassador.  She has impacted thousands  to charge of their  life , bank account and future –today no matter where you are.  She is blazing  with a mission to fuel, educate and  empower.  She knows first hand that thought manifest life realities.  Deizshel’s has and continues to impact lives across the world through life altering principles.

Deizshel’s focus on the pathways  to  live in your own power, cross the bridge  to generational wealth and power up your inner light  has a global impact. Her story is one of  many roads as she has worn and wares many hats.  She has experienced first hand the highs and lows of life.  Life is a journey and you get to choose your course.

She is a graduate of the University of Baltimore and is pursuing her continuing Doctorate in life journey.

She is a subject expert writer for Bmorenews,  Owings Mills  and Woodlawn Villanger .

Her journey has led to her being the author of two books-Simple Sense and Your Z MoNey Factor.

Trust, Honesty & Integrity Matters